T.I. Reacts To Sammy Sosa's Alleged Skin Bleaching


November 14, 2017

(TMZ) -- Sammy Sosa hates himself and that's why he's turning himself whiter ... that's according to T.I. who went in on the ex-MLB star when we got him out at LAX.

Feat. and more

Sammy's complexion has very obviously changed over the years. TMZ can only find one interview where he addressed it -- from 2009 -- saying the lightening was an unexpected result of a skin softening cream. 

But T.I. ain't buyin' Sammy's excuse -- shaking his head and saying it was more about "self-hate" than moisturizing. 

If you don't know what Tip means, he's referring to the idea that black people who bleach their skin are doing it to fit in with a European beauty standard and are selling out their race, something a lot of black people think is despicable.

Then again, it's his life ... 

Photo: AOL


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