8 Places Dangerous Mold Is Hiding In Your House

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November 14, 2017

You probably clean your home at least a couple times a week, and if you have children, then probably more like a couple times a day! You work hard so that your family lives in a pristine and healthy environment, and that when you have friends over you can take pride in your home.

When people hear the word 'mold', it instantly makes them shiver. No one wants that growing in their house! So don't let it continue, and check out these corners...today!


It's one of the most obvious places for mold to develop, so it makes sense to start here. It can build up at the bottom with food drippings, along the bars of the shelves, and between the door guards (the squishy bits).

In order to get it all out, you have to remove every part on the fridge that you can so you can clean the parts all the way around, and get to the far reaches that they were blocking. Make sure to check the freezer while you're there!


This is definitely one of first places you should be stopping to clean. It can begin in the cracks along the tiles, but definitely around faucets and drains where water is likely to hang around.

Don't skimp! Get behind the toilet and even inside the back of the tank. It may be gross, but it's better than finding mold there later! Because the bathroom is used so often by so many different people this is one of those places that needs to be checked at least a couple times a week.


Yuck! Well, while we're in the bathroom let's take a look at those places everyone seems to forget. When you brush your teeth, you introduce the plague and food particles onto your brush and afterwards you let it sit in all of that moisture. To be blunt - it's a breeding ground. Dismantle it and make sure you give it a thorough scrubbing. It's also a good idea to replace your brush every few months!


Didn't expect this one, did you? The most likely culprit for your clothes developing mold or mildew is leaving them in the washing machine for too long, or even having damp shirts left in the laundry basket where it can spread to other articles.

While we're on the topic, take a look at your washer and dryer, they may have some condensation build-up that inevitably leads to mold growing. Rule of Thumb: if something has an odor, there's something wrong with it!

But if you have kids, you need to be especially careful when checking everything they touch...

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