Is Gloria Allred the New Al Sharpton?

By Jonathan

November 14, 2017

Al Sharpton is the king of opportunism and has never come across a press conference he didn’t like. Gloria Allred is quickly filling his shoes as this wave of sexual harassment and rape accusations continues to swell, sticking close to the female victims in a shameless ploy to get her face and name out there.

Roy Moore is in more hot water as another alleged victim has come forth. Beverly Young Nelson held a press conference detailing an attempted rape by Moore when she was a child and right by her side, glued to her shoulder was Allred.

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“I was watching this yesterday and she brought out the victim and she has glued to herself to her shoulder. So there was no way for the camera to shoot without Gloria Allred being in it,” Glenn said.

“To me, she’s like Al Sharpton. If you see a press conference with Al Sharpton, you immediately dismiss it… She’s always there with a box of kleenex, it’s such a stage show, it’s awful.”

Watch the video below and tell us if you think she helps or hurts her client’s credibility in the comments section.

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