Terry Crews Talks Hollywood Sexual Harassment: 'I Will Not Be Shamed'

By Holly Nicol

November 15, 2017

Terry Crews appeared on Wednesday’s “Good Morning America” to talk about his experience of sexual assault in Hollywood. Watch the full “GMA” video above.

As Gossip Cop reported, Crews claimed a Hollywood executive groped his genitals at a party last year. In a series of 16 tweets, Crews wrote in October, “This whole thing with Harvey Weinstein is giving me PTSD. Why? Because this kind of thing happened to ME. My wife n I were at a Hollywood function last year n a high level Hollywood executive came over 2 me and groped my privates.” Now, the actor is bravely sharing his story with Michael Strahan on the morning show.

Crews said, “My wife and I were at an event with Adam Sandler. He’s Adam Sandler’s agent, he’s Sylvester Stallone’s agent, he’s Eddie Murphy’s agent, he’s connected to everyone I know in the business. Here’s the thing, I did not know this man. I have never had a conversation with him, ever. The first time I ever had an interaction with him was at this event.”

He continued, describing the executive’s bizarre behavior. “I’m looking at him, and he’s staring at me and sticking his tongue out, it’s overtly sexual. It’s a party, it’s packed, and I’m looking at him like ‘is this a joke?’ It was so bizarre. He comes over to me, and he literally takes his hand and squeezes my genitals. I really got forceful. Pushed him back, and he starts giggling and laughing. I have never felt more emasculated, more objectified.”

Crews went on, “When I looked at him, it was rage. I felt like I could punch a hole in his head. My wife told me three years earlier, you can never handle any situation like this with violence. When I grabbed her hand and left that party, I got in the car and almost ripped the steering wheel off. She just kept saying, ‘I’m proud of you.’ She calmed me down. She was the one who told me that this kind of thing would happen.”

“People need to be held accountable. It’s an abuse of power,” the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor concluded. “This guy, again, one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. He looked at me in the end as if, ‘Who’s going to believe you?’ I put it in the back of my head, I understood why women everywhere had to let it go. I will not be shamed. I did nothing wrong.” Watch the full “GMA” video above.

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