INTERVIEW: K. Michelle Talks 'KIMBERLY: The People I Used To Know' Album

By Isha Thorpe

December 8, 2017

After waiting more than expected for K. Michelle's fourth studio album, KIMBERLY: The People I Used To Know, fans of the talented superstar can now celebrate because it's finally here. Get ready to be in your entire feelings!

One of the many reasons why Michelle's fans love her so much is because her music always says what they're thinking, but may be hesitant to say. Her music also makes you feel intensely -- with some emotions that you probably didn't even realize were bottled up inside of you until you heard one of her beautiful tracks and your heart started to pour out.

You can bet money that the musician's new album will continue on with this vibe. Consisting of 21 songs, KIMBERLY: The People I Used To Know, once again shows the star's vulnerability throughout her lyrics via her incredible talents of singing, songwriting and producing. The LP has been released through Atlantic Records and it's sure to have some of your future favorite songs, whether you realize that yet or not.

You already know K. Michelle plays zero games in that booth. 

iHeartRadio got the opportunity to speak with the musical virtuoso about her new project, the people and things that it's inspired by, Kimberly vs. K. Michelle and more. And in true K. Michelle fashion, she doesn't hold back for anybody. Hold your edges.

Check out iHeartRadio's interview with the one and only K. Michelle below. You can buy KIMBERLY: The People I Used To Know here

What was the inspiration behind KIMBERLY: The People I Used To Know?

The inspiration behind the album, KIMBERLY: The People I Used To Know, was basic life. Everybody has somebody that they used to know. Everybody has someone that they want to used to know, that are currently in their lives, getting on their nerves, that they want to put in the past. So, I just wanted to do an album that everybody could relate to about people, and things, and what they've gone through because no matter where you are in your life, you had to go through something to get to the point where you're at.

Who are the people you used to know? How are they different from the people you know now?

The people I used to know are demons. They are demon-possessed, demon-spawned. The people I used to know are people who wanted to just be on TV. The people I used to know are people who just wanted their bills paid, even when they had a husband in the house. The people I used to know are the people who are just trifling, and just stupid, and I just don't want anything to do with. The people I used to know are people that I no longer know, and the difference in the people I used to know and the people I know now is that what? They're here, you're not. You lost a good one. Keep it moving.

Is it hard to release such personal music all the time?

It's very easy to release personal music, that's not the problem. The problem is performing the personal music because [I’m] being on the road and singing these songs every night. And I'm a super emotional artist. People come to me to feel. So, we're all out there feeling. You're feeling through healing, and I'm feeling through like, ‘Oh my God. That was really f**ked up what you had to go through.’ So for me, it's easier to make the music, but it's harder to perform it every night.

Have you ever released a song that you later regretted?

No, I've done some awful-ass songs, right? (laughs) But, I don't regret any of them because it really just shows growth. For me, music is a moment and a feeling. You learn the technical aspects of it. Like how to record; how to sing off the mic, on the mic, on the stage… You learn all that comes with it. But, if I go back and listen to some of the old K. Michelle music from before I had a record deal, that was some of my most heartfelt music and I can feel exactly where I was at, at that moment in time. So, I don't regret even the bad bathtub recordings that it sounds like. I don't regret it.

What are all the emotions fans will feel when they hear KIMBERLY: The People I Used To Know?

I think the emotions, and as a matter of fact, I know the emotions that the fans will feel when they listen to KIMBERLY: The People I Used to Know. First, they're gonna say, "F**k, that's a long title. Man.’ And then, they're gonna start abbreviating it, like we do, and they're gonna call it, like, TP something… Then after they hear every song, every emotion, they're gonna cry, they're gonna laugh, they're gonna hate the man they're with, they're gonna miss the man that they were with, they're going to absolutely feel the everyday emotions of being a person and being a f**king human. That's what they're gonna feel from this album.

What’s the difference between Kimberly and K. Michelle?

There's a huge difference between Kimberly and K. Michelle. Both the same f**ked up, but they all contribute to the whole f**ked-upness. Kimberly is picket fence. I actually have a garden in the front of my house. I grow sweet baby watermelons and chocolate bell peppers, and things like that. I wanna do peaceful kumbaya things like that, and have some kids that stand in the front yard, and sell lemonade. That is really what I want to do. That's who Kimberly is.

But, K. Michelle is a hell raiser. Always has been. She is a rebel. She doesn't care what you think. She wears a red wig. She will knock the f**k out of you if you try her and she will curse you out way down to yonder. But, K. Michelle and Kimberly share one defining moment with each other and that is the fact that, as tough as they are, they have this huge heart. They know that there's a reason for their being.

Photo: Getty Images and Jimmy Fontaine

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