Feud Between Jamie Oliver And Gordon Ramsay Reaches Boiling Point

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December 10, 2017

There are no two celebrity chefs more popular than Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

Ramsay, best known for Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef, and Kitchen Nightmares, is somehow the most lovable and most hateable chef on TV at the same time.

Then there's Jamie Oliver, who is working to teach kids about healthier food choices. He's been around for years on UK TV shows and has slowly started to work his way over to the American scene.

While Ramsay and Oliver used to be close (or at least appeared as such for cameras), their public feud has been growing recently.

Ramsay has been openly critical about Oliver's hypocrisy when it comes to healthy eating.

“It’s all very well to spout off now about sugar tax and supermarkets. None of that was spoken about when he was label-slapping with Sainsbury’s for ten years," he said. “And no disrespect, but we’re chefs, not politicians. When you breathe that stuff down the public’s throat and say, ‘I’m leaving if we have Brexit’, then, I’m sorry, the door stands open. Stand for what you say. Sadly, the only time he opens his mouth is when he’s got something to promote.”

In August, Ramsay was a guest host on The Nightly Show in the UK, when he took some jabs at Oliver again. He called the chef fat, and attacked his cooking skills.

Oliver responded by comparing Ramsay to someone with dementia.

“All my friends and people I work with in TV were very pissed off for me," Oliver said. "But it’s a bit like going to see someone you love who has dementia who keeps forgetting and then doesn’t remember what they’ve said. It doesn’t bother me anymore, but it was a lot, he hasn’t texted to apologize, I don’t know if he does emotion like that.”

But it was Oliver's next comments that sent Ramsay, and his wife, off the edge.

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