Kevin McCall Threatens To Kill Chris Brown & Royalty On Social Media

By Isha Thorpe

January 8, 2018

Kevin McCall is really making it difficult for people to have sympathy for him after being shot last week because of some shocking statements about his former friend/collaborator Chris Brown and his daughter, Royalty

As we previously reported, McCall was shot in one of his feet on Wednesday (Jan. 3) in Watts, Los Angeles. There were rumors that he accidentally shot himself. But, some other rumors randomly started coming out that Brown had something to do with the incident -- which was an extreme reach. Wanting to clear these rumors up, many would argue that McCall took things way too far when he slammed speculation that his former friend had anything to do with the shooting by bringing Brown's 3-year-old child into the mix. 

McCall went on Twitter and said: "Chris Brown and his seed would be in a casket if he had anything to do with me being shot. STOP playin' with rumors or I can't promise CB will make 29! I kept him alive for 7 years now in L.A." He continued: "Don't make the humbleness u see in me as weakness. Chris wouldn't have a head to tattoo on." See that disturbing message below. 

After saying these words, McCall rightfully received much backlash. That's when he tried backtracking on what he said. See his following tweets below. 

What do you think about McCall's comments? Let us know below. 

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