Some Vintage Polly Pockets Now Selling For $10,000 On eBay

By Dave Basner

May 5, 2020

If you held onto your childhood toys even after your parents threatened to throw them out, you might be a lot richer because of it. 

Some vintage toys from the 80s and 90s are selling for big bucks on eBay, and one in particular is Polly Pocket. 

The pint-sized dolls that first came out in 1983 and sold through 2015 are a huge collector's item today, with rare ones going for five-figures. 

On eBay, one Polly Pocket car in its original packaging from 2008 is selling in the U.K. for over $10,500. Whether it actually sells is another question, but there is clearly a high value to the toys across the globe. 

A sealed set from 1996 is going for nearly two-grand in Australia. 

Other Polly Pocket items range anywhere from $100 to $1000. So how do you know if yours is worth anything? 

Well if it was created after 1998, then it was made by Mattel, and that adds a lot of value to it. The better the condition, the more it's worth. Many of the toys had a hinge and are more valuable if the hinge still works. And of course, if you have the original packaging it adds to the value, especially if the toy was never taken out of the box. 

If you are planning to sell, be sure to get an idea of the prices things sell for by checking out completed auctions. Also make sure you know the names of all of Polly's friends that you are including, no matter if they are human or animal - the more details you give, the more likely people are to bid. 

Because of the dolls' popularity, eBay even created their own guide for people who are selling theirs - be certain to reference that to help you with your listing. 

Polly Pocket might fit in your pocket, but hopefully after you sell yours your wallet will no longer fit there. 

Photo Credit: Getty

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