Woman Returns Her Dead Christmas Tree To Costco

By Dave Basner

January 10, 2018

On January 4th, a full 10 days after Christmas, a woman brought her Christmas tree back to Costco, where she presumably got it before December 25th, and demanded a refund because it was dead. 

A guy who witnessed the whole thing posted a photo he took on Imgur. 

While it's pretty remarkable that someone would try this, what is crazier is that the store actually honored the return and gave the woman her money back. 

However, the guy who saw it all revealed that the refund didn't come easy and the woman was shamed a bit, but it didn't seem to bother her. 

It turns out that this woman isn't the first to pull this off either. Commenters who either work for Costco or knew people who do said it happens all the time and some customers even ask for the refund without bringing back the tree. 

Other box store employees said people have brought back pools at the end of summer, mattresses after years of use and even decade-old appliances. 

No word on if Costco plans to change their return policy. 

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