California Carpool Cheat Cited For Chucky Doll

By RJ Johnson - @rickerthewriter

January 12, 2018

While it is exciting for Bay Area residents that Jon Gruden is returning as the Oakland Raiders' coach, the California Highway Patrol would like to remind drivers that dolls are not valid passengers to use the carpool lane.

That's what one California driver learned after a Contra Costa CHP officer pulled the carpool cheat over to cite him for the violation. But, when the officer saw who was riding shotgun, he couldn't resist snapping a photo of the titular character from "Child's Play". The Contra Costa CHP then tweeted out the photo noting that "Chucky" just cost the driver a carpool ticket. 

"We know JON GRUDEN is back, and we love it too, but this will definitely not work as your carpool passenger! But hilarious! A for effort ... and here’s your carpool ticket."

The tweet references returning Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden after he was given the nickname "Chucky" for his fierce expressions and resemblance to the doll while on the sidelines. Gruden is reportedly not 

Carpool violations in California can cost drivers a cool $490 for a first violation. With that kind of money, you could buy 98 "Childs' Play" DVDs (on sale for $5 at Walmart), a four pack of tickets to an Oakland Raiders Game (the good seats) and three "Chucky" dolls (not that anyone needs more than one). 

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