This Mom Looks 9 Months Pregnant At Just 20 Weeks

By Dave Basner

May 5, 2020

Jaime Scott's pregnant belly looks pretty big for someone about to give birth, the problem is she is only five-months into her term. However, there's a good reason for her larger tummy - it's because she is carrying five babies in it! 

Skyler and her husband Skylerstruggled with fertility issues when they tried to conceive their third child. It took them five years before, at age 33, Jaime got pregnant thanks to successful artificial insemination. 

Doctors saw elevated hormone levels in her and thought she might have twins but they were wrong - she actually has quintuplets. The chances of that happening are one in 55 million. 

The five-foot-four Jaime looks ready to pop but she has some time to go before her family more than doubles in size. She's spending much of that time in a wheelchair because of how large her belly has gotten. 

Follow the Scotts' journey to becoming a family of eight here

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