In-N-Out Burger Reveals Managers Make Upwards Of $160K On Average!

By Alex Siordian

January 24, 2018

This is so cool! 

In-N-Out Burger confirmed some managers make on average $160,000 in a recent interview with a Daily Newsletter California Sun!

How do we sign up!?!

According to a recent article on

Entry level workers usually begin at $13 per hour (in California), which is $2.50 above California's current minimum wage. Employees can work their way up to get the manager's salary and a college degree is NOT necessary. 

Sounds like a great place to work right! Now let's be totally clear, not ALL managers make this and locations wages vary depending on where you live/work. Either way, for a fast food chain like this to pay wages so high is pretty amazing. 

According to In-N-Out, store managers responsibilities include: 

"...ensuring that quality, service, and cleanliness meet our high standards. As leaders, they hire, train, and develop their team, and are responsible for creating and maintaining an enthusiastic and positive working environment."

Seriously though... where do we apply to work? We're so down! 

Anyone else?

QUALITY PAY: In-N-Out doesn't only offer up "quality you can taste" - the family-owned fast food company revealed its managers make an average of $160,000.

Posted by FOX 10 Phoenix on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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