WATCH: The 5 Worst Groundhog Day Fails Since 1887

By Jonathan

February 2, 2018

Who does Punxsutawney Phil think he is?

In case you hadn’t heard, the groundhog saw his shadow and we have to wait six more weeks for spring. Forget man-made global warming, who knew these pudgy rodents have been controlling the weather all along?

THROWBACK: NYC Mayor Involved in Bizarre Groundhog Cover-Up

It seems like a pretty straightforward “holiday” — you pull the groundhog out and hold it up like Mufasa’s showing of Simba in The Lion King, then put it back in its box and break out the calendar to start your vacation planning.

But there have been some fails since the tradition started in 1887.

Here are a few:

  1. Bill de Blasi-OHHH!
  2. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped Staten Island Chuck and, get this, the groundhog died shortly after! Probably a coincidence, right?

    Well, the coverup is always worse than the crime — they tried to sweep it under the rug and pass off Chuck’s girlfriend Charlotte as Chuck.

    Bad move.

    This year, Bill decided it was probably better just to skip the event altogether.

  3. Hungry-hungry groundhog.
  4. Sun Prairie Mayor Jonathan Freund got more than he bargained for when Jimmy took a nibble on his ear in 2015.

    Maybe next time he’ll wear ear muffs.

  5. Curses!
  6. When Mayor Bloomberg reached into the cage of Staten Island Chuck in 2009, he received a sharp bite on the hand and reacted by cursing the rodent out on live TV.


  7. Essex Ed Sleeps In
  8. We’ve all been there. You’ve been gearing up for a big day at work and either stay up too late the night before, or your alarm clock malfunctions and you end up missing the meeting you’d been preparing for.

    That’s apparently what happened to Essex Ed in 2016, but we can’t be too hard on the groundhog.

    Thankfully, Otis the Hedgehog stepped up and filled in. You can watch this clip of the Essex Groundhog Day Parade below, but just a heads up, you won’t find Essex Ed anywhere.

  9. Groundhog Day PSA
  10. They might look cute while the mayor of Anytown, USA holds them up to prognosticate the upcoming weather, but beware if you cross one in the wild.

    You might want to pick it up and give it a hug, but these rodents can be quite vicious.

    Don’t believe it?

    Watch this clip of a local news broadcast where a man was chased through his yard and into his home.

With all the fails on this weird holiday, thankfully, Bill Murray made it all ok.

Enjoy the clip below and maybe the six more weeks of winter won’t be so bad.

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