If You See A Bottle With Aluminum Foil In It, Back Away And Call The Police

By Dave Basner

April 19, 2020

If you see a bottle that looks like trash in your yard, your instinct might be to pick it up and throw it out, but authorities are warning you to take a good look at it before you do. That's because it could actually be a bomb.

They're known as Drano bombs and are made with empty bottles, aluminum foil and and the drain cleaning product, which, when mixed with the foil, releases gas and heat that causes the bottle to explode. 

Kids are making them as pranks, putting them in mailboxes, throwing them or just letting them sit and explode on an unsuspecting victim. 

While the explosion isn't very strong, it is enough to cause burns, cuts and even blindness. 

If you see a bottle with a ball of foil in it along with some liquid, and it has a cap on it, it's likely a Drano bomb and you should keep your distance and call the police, especially if the bottle is swelling. Even if the bottle has been sitting for a while, it still has the potential to explode. 

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