Woman Kicked Out Of Gym For Wearing Tank Top

By Dave Basner

May 13, 2019

When Elyssa Lockington went to work out at North Carolina's Piedmont Community College gym, she was dressed modestly in a tank top, but that didn't stop her from getting kicked out because of her shirt.

Elyssa told her local news that she was "embarrassed" and "upset" by her removal, stating, "This is okay for high school dances, it should be okay for me to run on the treadmill in." However, gym officials pointed to a posted sign that clearly states "no sleeveless shirts."

A spokesperson for the college explained the rule is in place "for hygiene and disease control reasons" to "minimize skin contact with equipment." 

It's only angered Elyssa more. She doesn't see how an addition six inches of material can make a difference in sanitation and she pointed out that the sign forbidding tank tops only shows women's shirts. 

Lockington said, "The only thing I can think is that it is a forced modesty and I cannot stand that." The college isn't swayed though and has no plans to change the rule. 

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