Every Time Mo'Nique Called Charlamagne tha God by His Government Name

By Emily Lee

February 26, 2018

Mo'Nique made headlines recently after calling for a Netflix boycott over what the comedian describes as a gender and color bias. During talks to sell a comedy special to Netflix, Mo'Nique was offended by the amount of money the streaming company offered. She cited recent high paying deals Netflix offered to Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Amy Schumer as evidence to back up her claims. Shortly after Mo'Nique called for the boycott, Charlamagne tha God called her out on The Breakfast Club. When Mo'Nique stopped by The Breakfast Club to defend herself after being labeled Donkey of the Day, she got a little feisty and insisted on calling Charlamagne by his government name.

As the interview continued to get more heated, Mo'Nique called upon the radio host's government name more and more. Anytime she wanted to punctuate a point in her debate with Charlamagne, the comedian-turned-actress made sure to call her opponent Lenard. She might have picked this tactic up by watching reruns Parks and Recreation, where resident sour puss Ron Swanson purposefully misuses people's names as a power move. While we may not agree with her decision to do so, we have to admit the supercut of her doing it is pretty damn funny. Check it our for yourself in the Instagram clip below. 

Mo’Nique and Charlamagne continued to disagree over her dispute with Netflix throughout the interview.  She cited her recent box office success with the film Almost Christmas, which made $45 million with a $17 million budget. Schumer's recent film Snatched also made $45 million, however, it had a much higher budget of $42 million. These facts weren't enough to convince Charlamage that Mo'Nique's comedy special was worth the same as Rock, Chappelle, and Schumer.

“I just don’t understand how you can justify making $13 million in 2018 for a stand-up special … Was there a bidding war between platforms? Do you do the numbers in ticket sales that Chris Rock does, that Dave Chappelle does, that Amy Schumer does? … Why can’t you and [husband] Sidney [Hicks] book arena tours?” Charlamage challenged. “Have you received other offers from other streaming services? Or other places period?”

Ultimately the two could not come to agreement by the end of the forty six minute long interview. Mo'Nique's parting thoughts on Charlamagne were that "he does not have a value on black women and women of color. Unless he knew all the information and he could back up his statements, but as we sit here and we did this interview, you begin to ask questions that you should have asked before you made the statements.”

Watch the full interview with Mo'Nique below. Do you agree with her or still feel like she deserved the title Donkey of the Day?

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