15 Justin Bieber Lyrics As Tinder Openers

By iHeartRadio Staff

March 1, 2018

Are you desperate for a new online dating strategy? Have you exhausted your usual openers and need some fresh material? If you’re looking to keep things musically-inspired, look no further than Justin Bieber’s discography, the lyrics of which – when viewed through a romantic lens – double as pickup lines. Read on and take your Tinder inspiration directly from Bieber, himself.

1. "Company"

2. “I’m The One” - DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo & Lil Wayne

3. “Let Me Love You” - DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber

4. “Catching Feelings”

5. “U Smile”

6. “Never Let You Go”

7. “Friends” Justin Bieber & BLOODPOP

8. “No Pressure” - Justin Bieber feat. Big Sean

9. “No Sense” - Justin Bieber feat. Travis Scott

10. “The Feeling” - Justin Bieber feat. Halsey

11. “Boyfriend”

12. “One Love”

13. “Take You”

14. “Out of Town Girl”

15. “Die In Your Arms”

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