Virginia Man Runs Over Himself, Gets Arrested (Video)

By RJ Johnson @rickerthewriter

March 7, 2018

In the world of instant CARma, it's gonna be hard to beat this video. 

Fairfax County police posted dashboard camera footage of a man who was so busy trying to get away from authorities that he forgot to put his vehicle in park when he tried to bail out of the car to run. 

In the dashcam video posted to Facebook, Isaac Bonsu can be seen bailing out of his vehicle on an Alexandria residential street. However, Bonsu failed to put the car into park, or pull the emergency brake before getting out, allowing the car to keep its momentum - something Bonsu discovered as the vehicle struck him.  

The Fairfax County Police Deparment posted the video to its Facebook page commenting:

"Our officers tried to pull a man over. He sped off, then got out of his car to escape, but forgot to put it in park. Oops. He got hit by his own car. He’s okay physically, but is charged with DWI – 3rd offense, and a long list of other charges. #FCPDStrangerCalls"

The northern Virginia man wasn't harmed, and immediately got up to keep running, but police soon caught up with him after a brief foot chase. 

Charges against Bonsu include: driving while intoxicated (his third offense according to police), and illegal window tint.  The 30-year-old was initially pulled over for an apparent equipment violation. 

Court records don't reflect whether or not Bonsu has hired an attorney yet. 

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