We Ubered A Backpack Full Of Fake Cash

By Morgan Huelsman

March 14, 2018

Lately we've been attempting to Uber items without humans with them. We've wanted to know if Ubers really would Uber anything so long as they're making money. 

We have successfully Ubered a pack of meat, life-size Jason Aldean cutout and Bobby's tooth. The other week we unsuccessfully tried to Uber our imaginary friend Willie. (Some listeners in Raleigh successfully Ubered Willie!!) 

Today we made another big attempt at 'Will It Uber?' We sent Lunchbox off with a backpack full of fake cash. 

The backpack made it into the Uber and then successfully made it to Eddie who was a few miles down the road from the studio at a gas station. 

Listen below as it all goes down!

A big 'Woohoo!!' because all of the fake cash made it safely back to the station. 

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