INTERVIEW: Amara La Negra Discusses Her Childhood & Her Future Goals

By Isha Thorpe

March 30, 2018

Amara La Negra. If you're a fan of Latin music, then there's a big chance that you know the name. If you're a huge fan of VH1's "Love And Hip Hop" franchise, then you definitely know the biggest breakout star of the Miami series' premiere season. 

For the few couple of months, Amara has been making a major splash in the entertainment world, and we've been here for each and every minute of it. The Miami raised recording artist, who's parents are from the Dominican Republic, is using her platform on "Love And Hip Hop: Miami" to represent diversity in the Latino community, which unfortunately isn't done very often.

Amara is a proud Afro-Latino and from day one in the entertainment game, she's boldly used her voice and image to show little girls who are just like her that they can do anything. The artist has already become a fan favorite in the Latin world. Now, she's ready to crossover to the American markets. From there, she'll be well on her way to world domination!

We'd say that she's already having one hell of a start to reaching these dreams. Since the premiere of "Love And Hip Hop: Miami," Amara has already inked a multimillion record deal with Fast Life Entertainment Worldwide and BMG. Plus, she's signed with top entertainment agent United Talent Agency. The sky's the limit for this queen.

Amara recently stopped by the iHeartRadio HQ for a fun interview. In the discussion, we decided to play a game of "firsts." So, we asked the rising star about her first kiss, first boyfriend, first performance and much more. She basically gave us a timeline of memorable events in her life and then told us where she sees herself in the future. Take a look at some excepts from the convo below! You can buy Amara's new single "Insecure" here

We started off by asking Amara about her birthday:

"Libra gang, yas! My birthday is October 4, 1990. I know that people don't like to tell their age, but I really don't care. I believe that God has blessed me to live this many years, so why should I be ashamed of it? I am twenty seven years old and I'm all about the Libra gang."

Then, we went on to Amara's first performance:

"So, my first performance... I was born in 1990 and I had my first trophy by 1991. Exactly. My mom put me in a baby beauty pageant and I won because I was always cute. So, yeah. That was my first actually beauty pageant."

Next, we asked about her first kiss:

"Okay, so, I was actually twelve years old when I had my first kiss. As much as I have a big personality, in my personal life, I'm actually really shy. People would never think of that. But I'm very, very shy and everything makes me blush. So, it wasn't until I was, like, twelve that I got my first pop kiss and I was so embarrassed. Like, oh my god, don't look at me. So yeah."

After that, she discussed her first boyfriend:

"Okay, so my first boyfriend ... He wasn't like a boyfriend, boyfriend. He was like a school crush slash we go together not really type of dude. I don't know, I was like about fourteen, I was in middle school. I thought he was really cute, he was older than me, and my mom hated his guts. My mom didn't like him at all. Anytime he would knock on the door to come to my house, my mom would always say that I was never home. It was awful. I felt really bad for him."

Up next, Amara revealed the first time she realized that she wanted to be a star:

"Oh that was easy. I was born knowing that I wanted to be a star. I was born a star. And it's not to sound cocky. It's just that some people are born naturally knowing what they want to be when they grow up. Have you ever seen a baby, a little kid, that is naturally really talented? Well, then, that was just me. I always knew what I wanted to be. I've never questioned my instincts, I've never questioned what I wanted to be and I followed that dream ever since then and I've never changed my mind. I've never said, today I want to be an attorney, tomorrow I want to be a nurse. I've always known what my path was going to be and I've followed that ever since, so ... And I refuse to stop until I get to where I want to be. So, therefore, I was born a star."

Check out Amara La Negra's entire timeline interview about her different "firsts" with iHeartRadio above!

Photos: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio

Amara La Negra
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