Paul Stanley Clarifies Opinion on Gene Simmons Being Called KISS's Frontman

By Andrew Magnotta @andrewmagnotta

March 29, 2018

Who is the frontman for KISS: Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley?

Apparently there has been some confusion on this over the years, where Simmons is often referred to as KISS' frontman.

Stanley was asked about this phenomenon in a recent interview with the very fancy publication Business Jet Traveler. It would surprise no one to learn that Stanley has thought a lot about this over the years and considers himself to be the frontman of the group he co-founded in 1973.

"A frontman is the person who does the talking and who gives a group its identity and communicates to the audience," Paul clarified. "There's only one person on the stage who does that. If that's the definition of a frontman, then it's indisputable [that I'm the frontman]." 

But Stanley allows that the term could be interpreted differently.

"If you interpret frontman as... being in the media, well, then it's different," he added.

While it's true that bassist Simmons is the most outspoken member of KISS, since Stanley performs most of the lead vocals, interacts with the audience the most and stage at the front of the stage, it seems silly to refer to anyone but him as the frontman.

Simmons, due to the sheer volume of public statements, may well be KISS's mouthpiece, but that's a different thing than the frontman. 

One definition of frontman includes “a person who represents an organization and works to make its image more appealing to the public.”

So that begs the question: do Simmons' public statements make KISS more appealing?

Most KISS fans are constantly frustrated by Simmons and too often find themselves defending or disavowing the bassist's outrageous behavior.

While Stanley and Simmons certainly both have enough ego between them to front 20 successful rock bands, it just seems erroneous to refer to anyone but Paul Stanley as KISS's frontman.

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