Robert Plant Calls Out Greta Van Fleet for Not Admitting Zeppelin Influence

By Andrew Magnotta

April 2, 2018

While Robert Plant is clearly amused and flattered by the sound of Michigan-based throwback rockers Greta Van Fleet, he's seems more than a little miffed that the band continues to shy away from its obvious Led Zeppelin influence.

Instrumentally, Greta Van Fleet is similar enough to Zeppelin, but singer Josh Kiszka's vocals really put it over the top. Kiszka would make for a premium Zep tribute act, and Plant is a little confused as to why the band seems to keep dodging the comparison. 

"I hate him," Plant joked to The Project Exclusive before adding regarding Kiszka's voice. "And he borrowed it from somebody I know very well. But what are you going to do? It's okay."

Plant was then asked if he had ever met Greta Van Fleet or if Kiszka had tried to meet him.

"No, I mean, at least he's got a bit of star 'cause he says he based his whole style on Aerosmith," Plant said while scoffing and rolling his eyes. 

Watch the exchange in the video above, starting at about the 2-minute mark.

Greta Van Fleet sounds about as much like Aerosmith as Led Zeppelin does.

Kiszka certainly hasn't readily named Plant as an influence. And if he does indeed claim Steven Tyler has more to do with his vocal style than Plant, he's not convincing anyone. 

And most importantly, GVF's similarities to Zeppelin are part of their appeal! 

Greta Van Fleet fans are mostly just happy a young band is breaking through play loud, blues-based hard rock.

As Plant put it, "They are Led Zeppelin I." 

YouTube channel FBE recently set out to find just how much of a Zeppelin sound-alike Greta Van Fleet truly is by having some Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers react to the band's music and guess whether it was GVF of Led Zeppelin. 

Many of the participants who were familiar with Zeppelin, couldn't tell the two groups apart. 

It's worth noting that while Plant criticized Greta Van Fleet in this recent spot, he approves of the band in general.

Plant said in January that he approves of Greta Van Fleet, and of the young vocalist who so closely emulates him. Plant called Kiszka's voice "pretty good," adding that "There's a job out there for him."

Greta Van Fleet also turned Elton John's head. Sir Elton invited the band to perform at his annual Oscars party for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. 

At the time, John called Greta Van Fleet the best rock band he's heard in decades. 

"They blew me away," he said before introducing the band. "So you're gonna see them here and they're going to be one of the biggest new bands of the year. They have an amazing future ahead of them. I'm so thrilled—I'm so thankful for them to come onstage and play for you."

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Robert Plant (left) and Robert Plant impersonator Josh Kiszka (right).
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