Was Lindsey Buckingham Fired, Or Did He Quit?

By Fisch

April 10, 2018

While we wait to hear from Lindsey Buckingham as to whether he quit or was fired from Fleetwood Mac, one of his two replacements, Neil Finn from Crowded House, has commented on his new job.

He says, "Two weeks ago I received a wonderful invitation to be a part of a truly great band. A few days later I was standing in a room playing music with Fleetwood Mac. It felt fresh and exciting, so many great songs, a spectacular rhythm section and two of the greatest voices ever. Best of all, we sounded good together. It was a natural fit. I can’t wait to play."

Just last month, Finn performed at a benefit on Maui and was joined by Mick Fleetwood on Crowded House's "Don't Dream it's Over."

Finn will handle Buckingham's vocals on the band's tour later this year while the other new member, Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, will cover the guitar parts.

Meanwhile, fans are chiming in regarding this latest drama in the Mac family. Among the comments:

  • "No Lindsey equals no Fleetwood Mac. Is the guy from the Heartbreakers going to sing 'Never Going Back Again'? Give me a break. A bunch of 70 year olds acting like children."
  • "Without Lindsey, the band is mediocre at best. Terrible move ... I’m gonna keep my money in my pocket."
  • "'Firing' Buckingham is a terrible move. Your ticket sales are going to suffer tremendously."
  • "I didn't manage to get tickets for the last tour and was desperate to see the Rumours line-up just once..."
  • "No Lindsey? I hope it’s not due to irreconcilable differences. Won’t be the same without him. He has that unmistakable voice. I’m truly disappointed."
  • "It’s not Fleetwood Mac anymore without Lindsey. Shame on you rest of the band... See when your gigs are half full."
  • "Nothing against the newbies coming in, especially Mike Campbell from TP & the Heartbreakers, but they don't belong here."
  • "After all you've been through you couldn't work out your differences for the sake of your fans? This is BS."
  • "Waited for years for Christine McVie to return and it was worth every penny. This news: I just saved $500 so I guess that makes up for it. Thanks for the memories."
  • "I have no idea what went down but seriously. Was whatever it was worth going out on this sort of note? You can't put it aside and be grown up enough to say lets just do this one more time before our time here is done?"

So...what do you think???

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