Taylor Swift Pays Surprise Visit to 8-Year-Old Burn Victim in the Hospital

By Nicole Mastrogiannis

May 6, 2018

Taylor Swift made a young fan's dream come true after she visited the 8-year-old in an Arizona hospital, where she is currently staying following a horrible accident.

Swift's fan, Isabella McCune, suffered burns on over 65 percent of her body after a terrible fire pit explosion accident in March. The young girl has underwent surgery and is on the long road to recovery, and had expressed she was sad to be missing Taylor Swift's concert in Glendale, which happens to be the pop star's opening night on tour; doctors told Isabella she will still be in the hospital.

Isabella told Arizona's 12 News, "I love Taylor Swift. I really enjoy the 'are you ready for it?' one." She added of wanting to meet Taylor, "I want it to happen. That would be nice, because I could see someone I've never met before. There's so many people supporting me, so many people I haven't met. So yeah, it would mean a lot if she came."

Well. Isabella's wish came true! Taylor, who was already in Arizona rehearsing for her first "Reputation" tour stop, went to visit Isabella in the hospital to spend some time with her. Wearing a yellow hospital gown, Taylor surprised Isabella at the burn center and posed for some pictures with the young Swiftie, her brother, as well as the hospital staff taking care of her.

Taylor brought Isabella some "Reputation" tour merch, because she also told Isabella that when she is better, and her doctors give her the green light, she can come to any tour stop. She also signed Isabella's journal and wrote a sweet note:

"Isabella! I hope you feel better soon and I’m honored you've been listening to my music. You're so awesome and I can’t wait to have you at a show!! Stay strong, gorgeous. Love, Taylor Swift."

According to USA Today, Isabella was so surprised when Taylor came to see her. She said, " was shocked!" And Isabella's mother, Lilly McCune, told the publication, "I can't even explain to you how natural it was and how nice it was. She's just as nice as people say."

Get well soon, Isabella!

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