No One Can Tell If This Person Is Saying 'Laurel' Or 'Yanny'

By Dave Basner

May 16, 2018

It's been over three years since the Internet was torn over the color of a dress, and since then some other items have sparked debate, but nothing has ripped apart homes as much as the latest viral item no one can agree on. This time, it depends not on your eyes but on your ears.

A YouTuber named Cloe Feldman was the first to post it - a very short audio clip that says the same thing two times. Many people are absolutely certain that they hear the word "Laurel" in the audio snippet, but then others are 100% sure it says "Yanny," and neither side can believe that the other hears what they do. 

The fights it's causing on Twitter might be enough to bring the entire Internet down. 

Some people have played around with the sound to see if that changes anyone's mind:

Even celebrities are weighing in:

Popular Science got to the bottom of it, recruiting a professor of speech to break down the clip. After analyzing the soundwaves of the audio, he explained that the wave features the characteristics of "L" and "R" sounds, meaning it's probably saying "Laurel." While the waveform of "Yanny" is similar, it isn't the same. Due to some overlaying frequencies from the low quality of the sound clip, some people hear "Yanny." 

TMZ caught up with the guy who originally posted the clip, a Reddit user who goes by RolandCamry. He revealed that it is definitely "Laurel," explaining how he recorded the robotic pronunciation of "Laurel" from off his speakers, which caused the sound distortion. He did it after checking out the site with a friend and arguing over what they heard when they listened to the pronunciation of "Laurel."

But really, how could anyone hear "Yanny" anyways? It clearly says "Laurel."

Photo Credit: Getty

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