Daughter Humiliated After Dad Goes Viral For Looking At Model's Chest

By Dave Basner

September 1, 2019

When people go viral for something that isn't great, no one really thinks about how it affects their family, but a new story spotlights just how it feels to be related to an infamous viral star. The person in question is a man who was caught staring at a model's chest in a selfie she posted to Twitter. She wrote on the shot "Wow what a photobomb" with the annoyed emoji. The picture went viral and one of the people who saw it was the daughter of the man the model caught looking. Her name is Alex and she was brave enough to come forward and admit her relation to her dad.  

She first tweeted about finding out that her dad is the man in the picture, writing, "You ever check twitter and realize your f***ing father has turned into a meme?"

The model, Dominique Robinson, eventually saw Alex's tweet and the two had a somewhat sad exchange: 

But then Alex showed the other sides of her dad to let people know he isn't just some random pervert:

And of course, Twitter has jokes about the whole thing. 

It turns out Alex's mom did find out, and her reaction might surprise you:

Maybe Alex can now form a support group for family members of notorious viral stars. 

Photo Credit: Getty

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