15 Fancy Hats From The Royal Wedding

By Rose Wythe

May 19, 2018

Do you know what the elegant, colorful hat-like object sitting upon women's heads at the Royal Wedding is called? Like many of us, you probably were unaware that the formal term is "fascinator." According to Dictionary.com, it is "a scarf of crochet work, lace, or the like, narrowing towards the ends, worn as a head-covering by women." They truly are fascinating, customized to match each wedding guests' outfits perfectly. From tennis star Serena Williams to singer/fashion designer Posh Spice and members of British royalty, check out some of our favorite looks below. They are all one-of-a-kind for a very special occasion. 

1. Serena Williams

2. Amal Clooney

3. Sarah, Duchess of York

4. Anne, Princess Royal

5. Victoria Beckham

6. Lady Kitty Spencer

7. Pippa Middleton

8. Autumn Phillips

9. Zara Tindall

10. Sophie, Countess of Wessex

11. Abigail Spencer

12. Joss Stone

13. Carole Middleton

14. Sofia Wellesley

15. Karen Spencer

PHOTOS: Getty Images

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