Andrea Constand Details Assault By Bill Cosby on NBC News' Dateline

By RJ Johnson - @rickerthewriter

May 31, 2018

The woman whose sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby resulted in the disgraced comedian's conviction last month has opened up for the first time in an interview with NBC News' Dateline

Andrea Constand spoke with NBC's Kate Snow, telling her about her experience of being molested by the TV star back in 2004 at his home in Pennsylvania. Constand, the operations manager for Temple University's women's basketball program at the time, says she was invited to Cosby's home one night to discuss a possible career change she had been considering. Instead, what happened that night would eventually result in a Pennsylvania jury finding Cosby guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

Constand says that at one point during their meeting, Cosby offered her three blue pills to help her relax, telling her that "they're your friends" and to "just put them down." 

She says she took the pills because she trusted Cosby. But, the pills were anything but her friend. 

"I was limp, I was a limp... noodle," Constand said, describing the experience. 

A half-hour later, Constand was barely able to stand and was slurring her speech. Testifying in court, she told the jury that's when Cosby helped her over to a couch where he assaulted her. She says she was crying out in her mind for the assault to stop but couldn't do anything about it. 

"My mind is saying move your hands, kick, can you do anything? I don't want this. Why is this person doing this? And me not being able to react in any specific way," said Constand.

"I was in and out of consciousness. Inside, I was crying out inside in my throat and my mind for this to stop and I couldn't do anything," said Constand.

A few hours later, Constand awoke at Cosby's residence where he gave her some breakfast and she drove herself home. She wouldn't tell anyone about the assault for at least a year when she finally opened up to her mother. 

NBC News' Dateline special interview with Andrea Constand airs Friday, June 1st. 

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