Stranded Raccoon on St. Paul Office Tower Lights Up Social Media

By RJ Johnson - @rickerthewriter

June 12, 2018

It's a "Hold My Beer" moment - but for raccoons. 

A raccoon that manged to strand itself on the ledge of an office building in St. Paul Minnesota has become an unlikely hero to many on social media after trying to escape a precarious situation. 

Minnesota Public Radio reports that a mottled brown raccoon was first spotted hanging out at the Town Square Building in a nook above the sidewalk. When workers tried to remove the animal from the ledge, it decided to scurry over to the UBS Plaza and start climbing. 

By Tuesday afternoon, the wayward woodland creature had managed to scale 20 stories up the office tower, and settle into a new nook next to a window. 

The radio station began tracking the raccoon's progress using the hashtag #mprraccoon. One unknown Twitter denizen even went so far as to create a mock/parody account for the St. Paul Raccoon to track its ascent. So far, only two messages have been posted, including one saying, "I made a big mistake." 

The Washington Post reports that St. Paul Animal Control believes the animal may have been stranded on the ledge all night before it decided to try and escape by going skyward. Firefighters are currently trying to lure the raccoon to the roof where they'll hopefully usher the little daredevil to safety. 

Good luck Mr. Raccoon. You'll need it. 

Photo: Getty Images

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