Life Hacks: Summer Edition

By Rose Wythe

June 30, 2018

Sanitize pool toys with bleach.

Get rid of pesty ants with coffee grounds.

Brighten patio furniture with vinegar.

Keep ice cream soft by keeping it in a ziploc freezer bag.

Keep a straw in place by using the soda cap tab.

Use flip-flops as door stops.

Use a paper cupcake holder at the bottom of a popsicle to avoid sticky hands. You can also use foil!

Hide cash and keys in an empty sunscreen container when you go to the beach.

Put your phone in a plastic baggy to avoid getting it sandy.

Use dryer sheets to repel bugs.

Clean your grill with aluminum foil.

Use a cupcake tin for condiments at a barbecue. 

Brush off sandy feet with baby powder.

Keep drinks cold with ice cubes made of the drink (i.e. coffee cubes.)

If you still have one... a CD holder makes for a great bagel carrier.

Hang your sunglasses on a hanger.

Use toothpaste to relieve bug bites.

Use cloves and limes as DIY insect repellent.

Sleeping bag onesies for camping are a must.

To quickly freeze a drink, wrap the bottle in a wet paper towel before you place it in the freezer.

Make a pool in the back of a pick up truck by using a tarp.

Chill wine by freezing grapes. It adds flavor without watering your wine down.

If your Flip Flops break, use bread clips.

Make an amazing ice cream topping by crushing up Oreos and putting them in a pepper shaker.

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