Chrissy Teigen Accurately Predicted LeBron James Joining the Lakers

By Emily Lee

July 2, 2018

Lebron James is moving to Los Angeles. It was announced on Sunday that the basketball legend would be moving on from his comeback stint as a Cleveland Cavalier and joining the Los Angeles' Lakers squad. Excuse me, I should say it was *officially* announced on Sunday that LeBron was coming to L.A. For those who follow Chrissy Teigen on Twitter, however, the news actually broke late Friday night. Teigen was out and about in downtown L.A. on Friday night and spotted LeBron hanging out at a small embroidery shop. You might be thinking LeBron just really loves embroidery shops (which he might!), but according to Teigen, he was there with a blank Lakers jersey. 

Teigen took to Twitter to share her celebrity spotting because, as we all know, she is the uncontested Queen of Twitter. "I'm at a small embroidery shop in downtown LA and LeBron is here with a blank Lakers jersey? Trying to get a pic," she shared with her 10.7 million followers. "Got him leaving the basketball jersey embroidery shop," she captioned a shot of him in a car. 

Two days after this spotting, it was announced that LeBron would officially be joining the Lakers. Teigen promptly took to Twitter to gloat with a sassy retweet of ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowksi's announcement. "Told youuuu," she wrote. She sure did! 

It's pretty wild that the story didn't leak after Teigen shared her LeBron encounter on Twitter, especially considering all the hype surrounding the announcement. Many L.A. based celebrities took to Twitter to share their excitement about LeBron's big move. Mindy Kaling wrote that she'd watch "a reality show about [LeBron] acclimating to LA Life. Him opening his first "Trust Me" from Sugarfish. Him at the Grove watching fountains spurt in time to Kool & The Gang's 'Celebration.'" 

"Welcome to the Lake Show," Ryan Seacrest tweeted. "Rock that purple and gold - looking forward to a great season." 

As for investigative sports reporter Chrissy Teigen? Well, she's still talking about the serendipitous moment on Twitter and engaging with fans who can't believe LeBron James has to get his own damn jersey embroidered himself. 

Welcome to L.A., LeBron! 

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