15 Songs About Freedom

By Rose Wythe

July 2, 2018

In honor of July 4th, we thought we’d take a break from our typical bbq-themed content. Instead, we found it appropriate to take the time and come up with a playlist of songs that expound on the vast subject of freedom. From Beyonce’s very directly titled “Freedom” to Kelly Clarkson’s now-iconic (not to mention throwback) “Miss Independent” to George Michael’s oft-sampled “Freedom! 90” and beyond, scroll on to see songs that deal with the theme of freedom — be it about moving on from a toxic ex, something far more metaphorical or even as a literal interpretation — in different ways.

1. “Freedom” - Beyoncé

Lyrics: “Freedom! Freedom! I can’t move / Freedom, cut me loose! / Freedom! Freedom! Where are you? ‘Cause I need freedom, too!”

2. “Freedom! 90” - George Michael

Lyrics: “It’s the one good thing that I’ve got, freedom / I won’t let you down, freedom / So please don’t give me up, freedom / ‘Cause I would really, really love to stick around”

3. “Miss Independent” - Kelly Clarkson

Lyrics: “Miss on her own / Miss almost grown / Miss never let a man help her off her throne”

4. “Freedom” - Pharrell

Lyrics: “Your first name is Free / Last name is Dom / Cause you still believe in where we're from”

5. “Born Free”  - Kid Rock

Lyrics: “And I don't want no one to cry / But, tell 'em if I don't survive / I was born free! / I was born free”

6. “Blackbird” - The Beatles

Lyrics: “Blackbird singing in the dead of night / Take these sunken eyes and learn to see / All your life  / You were only waiting for this moment to be free”

7. “Freedom” - Pitbull

Lyrics: “I'm free to do what I want and have a good time / Now somebody, anybody, everybody, say / Cause I'm free to do what I want and have a good time / Now somebody, anybody, everybody, say”

8. “Independence Day” - 5 Seconds of Summer

Lyrics: “I’m over this, I’m over you / I’m not gonna waste my life away / This is my Independence Day”

9. “Independent Women Pt. 1” - Destiny’s Child

Lyrics: “All the women who are independent / Throw your hands up at me”

10. “Miss Movin’ On” - Fifth Harmony

Lyrics: “I'm not the way that I used to be / I took the record off repeat / You killed me, but I survived / And now I'm coming alive”

11. “Stronger” - Britney Spears

Lyrics: “There's nothing you can do or say, baby / I’ve had enough / I’m not your property as from today, baby / You might think that I won't make it on my own / But now I'm / Stronger than yesterday”

12. “Fighter” - Christina Aguilera

Lyrics: “After all of the fights and the lies / 'Cause you're wanting to haunt me / But that won't work anymore, no more, it's over / Cause if it wasn't for all of your torture I wouldn't know how to be this way now and never back down”

13. “Miss Independent” - Ne-Yo

Lyrics: “She got her own thing / That's why I love her / Miss Independent / Won't you come and spend a little time?”

14. “Freedom” - Nicki Minaj

Lyrics: “I feel free, I feel freedom / Why they mad? You should see them”

15. “American Soldier” - Toby Keith

Lyrics: “Oh, and I don't want to die for you / But if dying's asked of me / I'll bear that cross with an honor / ‘Cause freedom don't come free”

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