Lili Reinhart Clapped Back at Bully Saying She's Too Thin to be Insecure

By Emily Lee

July 6, 2018

Lili Reinhart is never one to shy away from discussing difficult topics. She might not be comfortable talking about her relationship with Cole Sprouse, but she's definitely comfortable opening about important issues like body dysmorphia and shaming. Her candor is just one of the many reasons Riverdale fans are so fond of the 21-year-old actress. In a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, Lili opened up about her own struggles with body insecurity, saying that she admires Marilyn Monroe because she "was a curvy girl: she had boobs and she didn’t have a 24-inch waist. To me that’s really inspiring and makes me feel like my body can be accepted."

After Lili received some praise online for being so candid about her own insecurities, one Twitter user suggested that Lili doesn't have the right to be insecure because her body is "built like Gigi Hadid." The user also went on to say Lili's comments about body dysmorphia and body shaming were without merit because Lili has an "industry standard" body. Lili caught wind of these comments and clapped back with some seriously insightful tweets of her own. 

She responded directly to the tweet at first, writing that "My body is not like hers. Thought that was quite obvious. Insecurity exists outside the limits of a certain dress size. You're not helping the problem." The Twitter user may have been attempting to point out larger issues of fatphobia in the entertainment industry, however, just because some people consider Lili to have an "industry standard" body doesn't mean she doesn't suffer from the same insecurities as everybody else.  

"Telling someone they don't deserve to feel insecure because their body is "fine" or "just like" whomever is wrong," Lili continued in a follow up tweet. "That's part of the problem. That's body shaming."

"I will never understand how someone can be so cowardly as to hide behind their phone and tell a stranger that their feelings are irrelevant and considered "whining" just because you think they represent some ideal figure or shape," she wrote. 

"I hope this example helps show you a significant problem that's going on today with young boys and girls. This is why people with mental health issues - depression, eating disorders, body dysmorphia - sometimes don't get the help they need because they're shamed into being quiet," she concluded. 

Lili took to Twitter again the following day, though, because she was still "Feeling really disheartened by the fact that so many people are saying “you’re skinny so shut up about embrscing your body.” As if my body dysmorphia is irrelevant because of how I look to some people. I’m either not curvy enough or not skinny enough to feel insecure."

She went on to say that "Mental illness gets worse when people say that you don’t have a right to feel the way you do. That’s where we are failing. Do not encourage this behavior. It is destructive. More destructive than you’ll ever realize. You may not understand someone’s insecurity- but respect it."

Thanks for speaking up, Lili! Your words are so inspiring! 

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