Keith Urban Reveals What He Does To Clear His Mind

By Chandler Reeves

July 24, 2018

Some people fish, some people read, some people bake, some people meditate, and some people run as a way to clear their head. Keith Urban takes a drive or goes into his studio to record some music.

“I love driving you know. I know that sounds like such a mundane thing, but I’ve always loved driving it’s such a cathartic thing for me. I love driving all different kinds of things: trucks, cars, big, small, fancy, not fancy. It doesn’t matter. It’s just very cathartic for me,” says Keith. “Some people go skiing for that cathartic thing. Some people run a triathalon. Some people go fishing. I go driving. That’s what I do. And being in the studio. I know that sounds weird, but I do that for recreation but it’s just because I love recording. I really do.“

Keith takes his Graffiti U World Tour to Raleigh, North Carolina on Friday (July 27th) and Charlotte, North Carolina on Saturday (July 28th).

Photo: Getty Images

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