Teen Who Pushed Friend Off Bridge Identified by Washington Authorities

By RJ Johnson - @rickerthewriter

August 15, 2018

Officials in Washington state say they've identified a young woman who was seen pushing her teenage friend off a bridge sending her plummeting 60 feet into the river below them and that prosecutors were mulling over charges for the young woman.

According to the Clark County Sheriff's Office, the woman was identified as 18-year-old Taylor Smith, who has been cooperating with authorities during their investigation into the now viral video. Deputies finished their probe and have forwarded the case to county prosecutors who now have to decide whether they plan on charging Smith for the push. 

The announcement by the sheriff's office was made one week after Smith was seen pushing her 16-year-old friend, Jordan Holgerson off a bridge at Moulton Falls Regional Park in a viral video posted to social media. Holgerson survived the three-story fall, but sustained several major injuries including; six broken ribs, two punctured lungs and multiple internal injuries and cuts. Doctors say Holgerson also has a mass behind her windpipe. 

In a text sent to NBC News, Smith said that she has apologized several times to Holgerson for her actions and that she "feels really bad about what happened." 

According to Jordan's mother, Smith had apparently grown impatient with Holgerson as she hesitated before jumping off the bridge. 

"She could have killed my daughter," Genelle Holgerson said.

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