Did Foster The People Just Throw Shade At Imagine Dragons?

By Peyton Blakemore

September 20, 2018

There might be some drama brewing between Imagine Dragons and Foster the People

When ALT 105.7's Wendy Rollins sat down with the "Pumped Up Kicks" band and asked what happens to the material that doesn't make the cut for their albums, the band's frontman, Mark Foster, had quite the shady response. "We give it to Imagine Dragons," Mark responded with a straight face as his bandmates chuckled. 

Foster the People and Imagine Dragons' music is often compared. Just type in "Foster the People and Imagine Dragons" on google and you'll instantly find their music being either pitted against each other or combined for some sort of mashup. While it doesn't exactly explain Mark's possible shade throwing, it could be the reason behind his response.

Mark did eventually give a real answer to Wendy's question, saying, "We have a lot of B sides for all of our records and I think sometimes songs will end up kind of reworked and put out. There's actually been one song I've been trying to put on every single Foster the People record that I wrote like 12 years ago. It's called 'On Off' and it's never made it on any record," he continued. "Every single time we're making a record I'm like, 'guys, we have to put 'On Off' on this record' ... I'm hoping to put that out this year, just as a single or something. It's a weird one." 

While Mark's bandmates agreed that the song has quite the out there sound, they all said they loved it.  "It's super weird and that's why I like it," Sean Cimino admitted. "It's kind of like very Aphex Twin, and kind of bizarre-ish... It's a little like left field."

Later in the interview, Mark even gave a little taste of the track — check it out at the 11:45 mark on the video above!

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