Laura Marano Throws Epic Pool Party In "Me" Music Video

By Taylor Fields

October 9, 2018

Laura Marano has finally returned with new music. It's been almost three years since the budding pop star released her debut single "Boombox," but Marano has now shared her new song, "Me" — her first as an independent artist. And along with the single also comes the music video!

In Laura's "Me" visual, the 22-year-old throws an epic pool party, enough to give anyone FOMO. The video begins by Marano opening the door to let in her love interest — the one who in the song she asks, "Do you think, do you think, do you think/ About me, me, me, me, me, me, me." Then, the party gets underway as they enjoy some fruity drinks, floats around on a unicorn, and finally, dance the night away.

It may be fall right now, but in Laura Marano's new music video, it's definitely still summer.

Laura Marano

On the night that "Me" was released, Laura shared a candid note to fans about the song, and the direction she is heading in as an independent artist. She talked about being "scared" while releasing her debut single "Boombox" several years ago, and that now as an independent artist, she may be more scared, but also "couldn't be happier." She wrote:

"I'm releasing music, but this time, I'm doing it as an independent artist. I am my own label, and as someone who has never owned a label before, to say I'm terrified is an understatement. A part of me is even more scared than I was two years ago, but another part of me quite literally couldn't be happier. I'm releasing music that I love on my own terms. I am sure I'm not gonna be able to do everything perfectly as an independent artist (which will annoy the perfectionist inside of me to no end), but I get to be in control this time. That means everything to me, and I truly can't wait for you guys to hear this music. I need you all to continue to be the incredibly supportive base that you have been for me. Tonight, my little baby Me is out, and if you guys love it, I need you to stream, buy, and spread the word. I used to hate asking for help - I was embarrassed to - but honestly, I'm not anymore. As an independent artist, I could use all the help I can get. Thanks so much for being on this journey with me so far, and just know, it's only the beginning."

Read the full note to fans below.

Laura Marano "Me" Cover Art
Laura Marano

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