Brett Young Is Unsure of What To Sing At His Wedding

By Chandler Reeves

October 15, 2018

Brett Young told us several weeks ago that his fiancée, Taylor, requested he sing a song during their upcoming wedding. At that time, Brett had no clue what he was going to sing, and it turns out, even though the wedding is next month, he still hasn’t settled on a song. “I feel like it puts you in an interesting position,” says Brett, “because I’m not gonna sing one of my songs. I feel like that’s a cop out. That’s basically doing what I do for work every night.  I’m not gonna sing one of the classic wedding songs that everybody in the world has had in their wedding. And then if I write a song, there’s a 99% chance that I’m gonna write some cheesy crap, because trying to write a wedding song is like you set yourself up to fail.”

Although the clock is ticking, Brett, who is climbing the charts with his new single, “Here Tonight,” isn’t in full panic mode yet. He says, “I still don’t know what I’m gonna do. I’ve tried to write something specific for that and I’ve definitely not nailed it. I just haven’t landed on anything yet.”

But he’s still hopeful he’ll figure it out sooner than later.

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