Video Captures Enormous Spider Approaching Police Officer... Kind Of

By Dave Basner

July 27, 2019

The dash cams in police cars have captured some wild car chases and some bad accidents, but one in a Texas officer's cruiser caught something none have before - a giant spider! The Fulshear Police Department shared the video on their Facebook page. It shows a patrolman during what looks like a routine traffic stop, until an enormous arachnid starts crawling across the street toward the cop, who somehow has no idea it is approaching. 

Of course, it wasn't actually a huge spider - it was just a tiny one crawling across the car's windshield, but it created an optical illusion that made it seem immense. The police department captioned the clip, "Who needs Hollywood special effects? This little guy was positioned perfectly on the windshield of the patrol car and gave our clerk, who was reviewing the video, quite the 'Halloween scare.'"

For now, the world is safe from giant spiders

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