Oreos Announces 'Most Stuf' Variety For Creme Lovers

By Dave Basner

October 24, 2018

If you like Oreos, you enjoy the delicious combination of the cookie and the creme, but there are plenty of people out there who appreciate a little more of the white stuff. For those folks, the cookie company created their now famous Double Stuf Oreos, which features twice as much of the yummy filling. However, even that wasn't enough for some creme fiends and so Oreo released their Mega Stuf variety, with more creme than the Double Stuf. Unfortunately, it still didn't satisfy some creme-loving customers, but soon, Oreos will have something for them - Most Stuf Oreo. 

The cookies have three times the amount of cream as the regular Oreos and are so large that they look like ice cream sandwiches. They're due out next year. 

Photo Credit: Getty

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