Florida Votes To End Greyhound Racing By 2020

By Bill Galluccio

November 8, 2018

Greyhounds race by at the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club in Longwood, FL

Voters in Florida overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure that would ban Greyhound racing in the state by 2020. Amendment 13 garnered over 5.4 million votes, easily surpassing the 60% majority needed for approval. 

“This is the most historic event for greyhound advocacy and adoption in the world at any time,” Christine Dorchak, President and General Counsel of advocacy group GREY2K USA Worldwide told the Miami Herald. “I can’t overstate that. This organization has been working for nearly 20 years to reach this moment where Florida voters would vote down the cruelty of dog racing, now it’s sending a signal around the world that it’s time to end dog racing.”

There are currently 11 full-season Greyhound racing tracks in the state which employ roughly 3,000 people and bring in a sizable amount of money to local businesses and casinos. They also paid over $2 million in taxes and fees to the state, though that revenue has been steadily declining over the years. 

After the Florida racetracks are closed, only six tracks in five states will remain open. 

Photo: Getty Images

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