Hear a Searing Hard Rock Version of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch"

By Andrew Magnotta

November 28, 2018

Holiday music and heavy rock generally don't mix well, despite many attempts by rockers over the years to cash in on Christmas cheer. 

Taking a Christmas standard and doing it louder, faster and angrier isn't particularly novel, and it usually ignores the spirit of the original tune. 

But York, Pennsylvania, rock band Small Town Titans get it. Off the bat, they earn points choosing a song that lends itself to a little grit.

Small Town Titans fully embraced the melody of the original piece in their cover, especially showcasing the powerful vocals of bassist/singer Phil Freeman.

Freeman delivers a masterclass in the song, alternating between a boomy spoken word voice in homage to Thurl Ravenscroft and a searing chest-voiced wail that approaches Bruce Dickinson territory. 

Guitarist Ben Guiles heaps grunge onto the performance with the help of some fuzz and an octave pedal, and drummer Jonny Ross holds up his end with some tasteful fills and musical cymbal work. 

The video already has over 15 million views, and for good reason! Check it out above!

Photo: Getty Images

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