Package Thieves Epically Owned With Glitter Bombs And Fart Spray

By Dave Basner

December 18, 2018

It's the holiday season which means millions of packages are being sent around the world, but that also means many of them won't make it into the hands of their rightful owners because of thieves. This is the time of year where the so-called porch pirates are up to no good, stealing boxes off of front stoops regardless of if there is a camera rolling. 

It happened to Mark Rober and after feeling helpless when the police told him it wasn't worth their time to go after the thieves, he took matters into his own hands. Thankfully, he is a world-renowned engineer so he was able to create something incredible to deter the robbers. 

Mark built a box that, when opened, it shoots glitter everywhere and releases noxious fart spray. Even better, he rigged it so that it's able to film the reactions of the thieves, making for some amazing footage. He shared it all on YouTube and the video has already been seen by millions of people who probably now all believe in karma.

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