Woman Shares Creepy Texts From Stalkerish Guy She Briefly Spoke To On Train

By Dave Basner

January 15, 2019

It used to be that people would meet on a train and wind up married years later, but now we live in a world where talking to a stranger is far more likely to lead to problems than it is to a spouse. That's just what happened to Twitter user Lynda Lorraine, who shared what happened to her after a brief conversation with a man on a train. 

To Lynda, the exchange was something she probably never would've remembered, but the guy seemed to feel very differently. In fact, a few days later, Lynda wound up getting a text from him even though she never gave him her number. She shared the conversation that followed as a warning to anyone with an online presence. 

Lynda captioned her post, "So I briefly spoke to someone on the train last week, we didn't even exchange socials or anything and today he messaged me. Am I overreacting by being creeped out because what on earth?" 

She included four screenshots. The first showed the guy, Josh, saying hi to her and explaining how he got her number from one of her friends. He probably thought he was being resourceful but it did not come across that way, and Lynda was quick to point out how creepy it was. 

Josh admits to finding Lynda's Instagram and following her on that, then asking mutual friends for her number. She calls him out and tells him it would have been a lot less creepy to have just followed her on Instagram and DM her than ask around for her number, but Josh explains that he didn't want to DM her because he only does that with women he doesn't care about. 

When Lynda asks him who gave him her number he responds that he will tell her on Thursday because he'll be taking her out that day. She shuts him down saying, "Most definitely not." Josh starts getting annoyed and Lynda says directly that she is not flattered by what he has done, calling it "weird and invasive" and adding, "There is no way you can decide for me that I'm going out with you." 

Josh then tries to bribe her, saying the only way she'll find out who gave up her number is if she goes out with him. He then is shocked that she thinks he is acting like a stalker

It ends with Lynda asking Josh to delete her number. 

Not surprisingly, the comments have all supported everything that Lynda did.

Hopefully Josh has learned it is not at all cool to hunt someone down like that. 

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