Florida Man Says 'Jesus Told Me To" After Driving Ferrari Into Water

By RJ Johnson - @rickerthewriter

January 16, 2019

Palm Beach Police say a man who who drove a Ferrari into the Palm Beach Inlet last December did so because he claimed "Jesus told me to..." 

James Mucciaccio, 48, was removing items from his Ferrari while parked on a public dock Dec. 26 when an officer approached him, asking what he was doing. He told the officer that a friend of his told him to park on the dock so he could be picked up by boat. 

When the officer told him he couldn't park there, Mucciaccio apologized, and retreated to the vehicle to retrieve his driver's license. 

In dash cam video of the incident, Mucciaccio can be seen getting into his car, reversing briefly, until he puts the sports car into drive and hits the gas, sending the vehicle into the water. 

Two fisherman in a nearby boat who witnessed the scene, jumped into the water and rescued the driver. 

When officers asked Mucciaccio why he decided to drive into the water, he said that Jesus told him he needed to drive through the small gate on the dock and into a "6-foot window."

"Jesus made me the smartest man on earth and it's so hard to have this much responsibility," he told officers. "Money is going to be irrelevant in two days, remember to smile." 

Mucciaccio also told officer that he drove into the water because he believed the officer on the dock was Egyptian and did not believe in Jesus.

Mucciaccio was not injured in the incident. 

Divers were able to attach inflatable "lift bags" and raise the Ferrari to the surface where it was towed back on shore. Investigators say, in a further twist, the license plate that was attached to the Ferrari, actually belonged to Mucciaccio's Ford Mustang. 

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