Kim On How She Bounced Back After Her Leg Injury

By Matthew Demeke

January 19, 2019

Matt and Kim with The Woody Show at the Musicians Institute Lounge backstage at ALTerEGO #iHeartALT

Posted by ALT 98.7 FM on Saturday, January 19, 2019

In March of 2017, Kim Schifino sustained a torn ACL and meniscus while doing a stage jump at a festival. Matt and Kim sits down with the Woody Show backstage at ALTerEGO to talk about Kim's injury what it has been like since that moment. 

Kim on her leg injury:  

Here is the thing, you would think that would slow me down and maybe smarten me up. No! Now it's like, I know what it is like to stop, so now I have to go way harder in case I have ever to stop again. Live hard until you can't live no more. 

Matt talks about the album 'Almost Everyday':

We made this album and it was a bit darker. I didn't realized we mentioned death in like every song. What kind of Matt and Kim is that dark? We are kind of coming back around. It was a heavy year. 

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