The New, Idiotic Trend For Teens Is The '48-Hour Missing Challenge'

By Dave Basner

February 15, 2019

Social media trends can be silly, but they can be used for good. Take the Ice Bucket Challenge, which had people dumping cold water on themselves to raise millions of dollars for ALS research. However, there have also been plenty of dumb trends that have taken off. One of the latest ones was the Bird Box Challenge, which saw people attempting to do things while blindfolded like the characters in the hit Netflix film Bird Box. Unfortunately, among the things people were doing without looking was driving. Before that, the world watched in horror as people ate laundry detergent as part of the Tide Pod Challenge.

Now, there is reportedly a new challenge kids are trying and it has adults, and authorities, very upset. It's called the 48-Hour Missing Challenge and it sees tweens and teens hiding for two days to see if they are reported missing on social media. Recently in Charlotte, a 13-year-old caused a manhunt when she went missing but 24 hours later, she was found hiding under her bed. Searchers who were looking for the girl claim she was doing the 48-Hour Missing Challenge, though her mom swears that is not the case.

Either way, it has people talking about the challenge. Police are urging parents to tell their kids never to partake in something like it since it uses up valuable resources and manpower that could otherwise be spent truly helping people. Meanwhile, child psychologists say parents should always communicate with their children and explain to them the many ways in which a challenge like this is wrong. They also advice turning the location finder on on kids' smart phones.

Photo: Getty Images

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