Is There A Katy Perry & Taylor Swift Collab In The Works?

By Tanya

March 1, 2019

Image: Getty

There may be no more "bad blood" between Taylor and Katy...see what I did there? There is a fan theory going around that believes the fight between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry is finally over. As, TS7 is cometh upon us fans believe there is a song on the album that features Katy Perry!

To back up if you've been living under a rock, Taylor and Katy used to be friends. Then they had a massive falling out over allegedly stealing backup dancers. Taylor wrote "Bad Blood" about Katy. But, then Katy sent Taylor an olive branch when she started her Reputation Tour. That's the cliff notes and here we are today.

The clues that are leading fans to believe the fight is over are as follows...

  • Taylor posted the 7 palm trees photo. Katy posted pictures in front of palm trees. Which started the theory!
  • Olive branches and palm trees are symbols for peace.
  • Taylor Swift's REP army jacket had flamingos on the sleeve...remember? 1 month after Taylor posted it Katy posted a photo with a giant pink flamingo.

Pretty crazy right? Could all just be a coincidence. But I'm really hoping it's all TRUE. I'd be living for a Tay/Katy collab.

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