Our Star-Studded 'Little Mermaid' Live Action Dreamcast

By Shayna Spero

March 29, 2019

Although the dates have yet to be announced, Disney is planning to reboot “The Little Mermaid” in live action form. The movie will purportedly include songs from the OG, as well as some additions written by composer Alan Menken, and “Hamilton” writer, Lin-Manuel Miranda. While there have been whisperings of Zendaya playing the title role (YAS, we hope this is true!), none of the casting has officially been released. So, with that in mind, we decided to take a shot at casting the film ourselves. Scroll through to see if you agree with our picks for the new live-action version of “The Little Mermaid!”

1. Ariel

Hailee Steinfeld: Hailee Steinfeld has found huge success in both singing and acting, so it’s surprising that she hasn’t been in a musical movie yet. Her infectious smile and bubbly personality in combination with her poise would make her a great Ariel.

Vanessa Hudgens: Vanessa Hudgens has been wowing us in movie musicals from her High School Musical days, to her Broadway gigs, to her recent turn in “Rent Live!” She’s a pro, and has that sweet, wide-eyed energy perfect for The Little Mermaid.

Zendaya: First of all, would Zendaya not totally rock a red, flowing wig? Secondly, Zendaya totally proved her movie-musical chops in “The Greatest Showman.” We can already picture her gracefully swimming through the sea.

2. Prince Eric

Darren Criss: Let’s be real, Darren Criss just LOOKS like the animated Prince Eric. He’s got the charming smile, and lots of acting and singing experience from his days on “Glee,” and on Broadway.

Jordan Fisher: Up and comer Jordan Fisher not only has the gorgeous looks to pull off Prince Eric, but also a super impressive background in musicals. He’s been in “Hamilton” on Broadway, and starred in “Teen Beach Movie,” “Grease: Live,” and “Rent Live!”

Shawn Mendes: Who could resist putting Shawn Mendes in this line up? Although he doesn’t have the acting experience that our other candidates do, he does have the perfect hair, perfect smile, and perfect voice to be a Disney prince.

3. Ursula

Nicki Minaj: Nicki Minaj has the curvy sex appeal to totally pull off Ursula, and also the necessary sass. Plus, it would be pretty cool to give Ursula some lyrics to rap in a modern twist.

Lizzo: Sorry, but Lizzo is PERFECT for this role. Her powerful voice could handle the deep, sultry tone that Ursula needs for “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” and LOOK at her sexy curves. Disney, we’re feeling good as hell about casting Lizzo as Ursula.

Lady Gaga: Need a star who can completely transform into a sea witch? Gaga’s your girl. Plus, her voice would give an awesome rock edge to the role.

4. Vanessa

Camila Cabello: If you don’t remember, Vanessa is Ursula in disguise when she transforms in order to steal Prince Eric away from Ariel. So yupp, we think Camila could definitely sweep a prince off his feet.

Halsey: Halsey is someone who has that mysterious rocker edge that might put her in the running to play Ursula a few years down the road. In the meantime, we ship her as Vanessa.

Ariana Grande: All we have to say is, “break up with your girlfriend, ‘cuz I’m bored.”

5. Flotsam and Jetsam

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer: These gals would steal the show as a comedic Flotsam and Jetsam, and we are totally here for it. They already have all the chemistry they need to play off each other, and The Little Mermaid really could use some comedic relief.

Bella and Gigi Hadid: If Disney wanted Flotsam and Jetsam to take a more serious, mysterious tone, we’d plug in the Hadid sisters. They’d smolder even in CGI.

The Chainsmokers: If Flotsam and Jetsam get a new musical twist in the movie, we want The Chainsmokers to opt in. Something about them being Ursula’s sidekicks just seems so right.

6. Sebastian

Titus Burgess: This “Kimmy Schmidt” star has already played Sebastian on Broadway, and believe us, he was incredible. We would have absolutely no arguments if Disney decided to put him in the movie as well.

Sean Paul: While we’d love to see Titus in the movie, Sean Paul definitely needs to make an “Under the Sea” remix for the soundtrack.

Donald Glover: Donald Glover has so many talents from writing, to rapping, to acting, to comedy, that we have no doubt he’d be amazing playing this iconic character.

7. Flounder

Caleb McLaughlin: This “Stranger Things” star got his start as Young Simba in the musical “The Lion King,” so he seems like a natural fit to play Flounder.

Jason Maybaum: If you don’t know Jason Maybaum’s name yet, you will. He plays Levi in “Raven’s Home,” and played the younger brother in the new “Freaky Friday” musical. Plus, look at that adorable face!

Gaten Matazzaro: While we know Gaten from “Stranger Things,” he also got his start starring on Broadway. Besides his experience, we think his knack for comedy would make him a great Flounder.

8. Scuttle

Zach Galifianakis: We know him and love him from “The Hangover” series, but Zach Galifianakis is a mega star comedian in his own right. We think he’d be super fun and funny naming a fork a dingelhopper as Scuttle.

Lin-Manuel Miranda: Lin-Manuel is supposedly working on new music for the film, and he often plays roles in his own productions. So, we’d definitely pin him as the friendly Scuttle. Maybe he’d even show off his moves in the role as he did in the recent “Mary Poppins” remake.

Josh Gad: Josh Gad has not only starred on Broadway, but also has experience playing beloved Disney characters as the voice of Olaf in “Frozen,” and as LeFou in the recent “Beauty and the Beast” live-action remake. So, we think he’d be adorable playing his next Disney role as Scuttle.

9. King Triton

Idris Elba: Idris has the deep coming voice, the commanding presence, and, let’s be real, the rockin’ bod to play an awesome King Triton.

The Rock: Just coming off of playing the voice of Maui in “Moana,” we think The Rock would fit seamlessly into casting for “The Little Mermaid.” He proved he can sing, plus, just take a look at his Instagram to see that he’s an A+ dad IRL.

Hugh Jackman: He’s pretty much the go-to movie-musical guy, so it would be surprising if he wasn’t on the list to play King Triton.

10. Ariel's Sisters

Little Mix: Ariel’s sisters are basically a gorgeous girl group that all have incredible voices. Luckily, that’s pretty much the same description of Little Mix.

Red Velvet: If K-Pop girl groups are in the ring to play Ariel’s sisters, Red Velvet would need to be considered as well. They have the strong pop vocals and the group chemistry to take on playing mermaid sisters.

Blackpink: We would STAN a K-Pop girl group playing Ariel’s sisters. Blackpink would carry all the sass and girly charm required.

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