Watch Fender Unveil Masterbuilt 'Game Of Thrones' Guitars

By Andrew Magnotta @AndrewMagnotta

April 17, 2019

The latest high-end piece of Game Of Thrones memorabilia in honor of the hit HBO fantasy series' final season is a dream come true for the most musical fans of the show.

Fender has just unveiled the Game Of Thrones Sigil Collection electric guitars, designed and built by the company's Custom Shop in partnership with show runner D.B. Weiss in honor of the series' three most relevant noble families: House Stark, House Lannister and House Targaryen.

A video introducing the guitars features Weiss, Game Of Thrones theme composer Ramin Djawadi and rock stars Tom Morello, Nuno Bettencourt and Scott Ian performing the show's theme on the freshly built guitars.

"Guitars have always been such a big part of my life and such a centerpiece of my free time whenever I had it," Weiss explains. "I think on this show, [guitars] were sometimes the thing that would keep you sane at the end of the day."

Weiss continues, explaining that the Game Of Thrones-themed guitars with Fender are a dream come true for him. He says that when he actually came face-to-face with Fender CEO Andrew Mooney, he was almost afraid to bring up the idea.

The three guitars represent the show's three major families, as well as three of Fender's most iconic guitar designs.

First up is the House Stark Telecaster. In Raven Black with its Grey Wolf sigil and ebony fretboard, the guitar sports a weathered look, in reference to the Stark family's rugged yet noble history.

"The have that integrity; they have that no-nonsense approach that seems perfect for a telecaster," Weiss explains.

Next is the House Lannister Jaguar. By far the most opulent of the three instruments, the Lannister Jag is decked out in gold and crimson with laser-etched details everywhere you look on the guitar.

"The Lannister Jaguar has a fancier feel," Weiss notes. "I remember as a kid the Jaguar was the Fender that had the most ornamentation and embellishment on it. I feel like the Lannisters are a very gold-plated house."

Finally, the House Targaryen Stratocaster is nearly as intricate as the Lannister Jaguar, but less ostentatious. The guitar comes with a black "dragon scale" body, sterling silver dot markers and a hand-tooled stained leather pick guard.

Master Builder Ron Thorn explains that a normal Stratocaster body takes about 20 minutes to be carved in a CNC machine. But the scale-work on the Targaryen Strat took 19 hours!

Weiss compares watching Thorn work on the guitars to watching the Game Of Thrones custom department at work.

As for prices, the Stark Tele will run you at least $25,000; the Lannister Jaguar costs about $30,000; and the Targaryen Strat is another $35,000!

Watch the video above or check out the Fender Custom Shop for more information.

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